Insurance & Back to School Time

It’s hard to believe our summer is coming to an end and the kids will be back to school in a few short weeks. While the children are outside soaking up these last days, it’s a good time of year to review some changes that might affect your insurance this year.


Home Insurance:

 Do you have a child headed off to college? Most homeowner’s insurance policies will extend coverage to your child’s belongings if they are staying in the dorms. If you have questions about your coverage, be sure to call Alpha/Omega to discuss. When your child decides to rent an apartment, ask us about renter’s insurance for them. Renter’s policies are generally very inexpensive, cover their belongings and also include liability coverage should someone get injured at their apartment and sue them. BTW – Yes, that can unfortunately happen and Yes, without insurance, paying off that lawsuit could follow them for most of their adult life.

This is also a great time to review your own homeowner’s insurance. Did you do any remodeling, buy any expensive jewelry? Discussing these situations with Karen can help make sure your policy stays up to date. Also consider taking a few pictures of your house and storing them online. If a claim happens during the year, you will have updated photos of what your home looked like before anything happened.

 Auto Insurance:

 Did someone in your home get their license this year? Let’s make sure they are added to your policy. We know… young drivers cost so much! But, there are ways we can try and make the increase seem not as bad. Did they take Driver’s Ed and Defensive Driving? Have higher than a B average? All discounts your new driver could be eligible for. If your child decides to go away to school, some companies will list them as away at school for an additional discount.  Taryn can help review all your different options when adding a new driver.


Back to School time is a busy and exciting time, but taking a few minutes to also review your insurance can save you money with proper protection.  Call us at (718) 494-4440 to discuss any questions you have about your policies.




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