The New World of Cyber Security

The ransomware cyber attack in May spread across over 150 countries, infecting over 200,000 computers.  Most experts agree that this is just the start of what could be ever increasing cyber attacks.  Along with using a reputible internet security service, there are a few best practices you can take to protect your business from attacks.

Be Aware of Phishing Schemes

Phishing emails are fake email messages that can be used by criminals and hackers to target your credit and identity, gain control of your computer and network or steal your password and access company information. They often appear as if coming from a trusted source, such as your credit card company or another vendor, and can often include links or attachments that they ask you to download.

Before you open an email or respond to any requests to download files or click on links, confirm that it comes from someone you know, is something you are expecting, and does not look “off” (i.e. with unusual characters or spelling)

Password Safety

  • Passwords should not contain all or part of your name or ID.
  • Passwords should be at least seven characters long.
  • Passwords should contain characters from at least two of the following four categories: upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers and symbols (e.g., &, %, $, #).
  • Never store your password or backups with your mobile devices.
  • Change your passwords regularly and avoid using the same ones for different accounts and applications

Constant Vigilance

When traveling, keep your mobile device with you at all times and never check it with your baggage. However, when you travel by car with your laptop, put it in the trunk of the vehicle. Take it with you when you arrive at your final destination.

If you’re away from your office, keep your company laptop, mobile device and portable storage devices, such as flash drives, secure, either locked up or in your personal possession. And ALWAYS be aware when logging in to secure systems in public places so others cannot see your username and password.

 Train Employees on Best Practices

  • Responsibility for Company Data: Emphasize the importance of data security and how they are the first line of defence against any cyber attack
  • Passwords: Teach them the above referenced best practices and require they change their passwords on a set schedule.
  • Unauthorized Software: do not allow employees to innstall unlicensed software.  It can make your company susceptible to malware that can attack and corrupt your data.
  • Internet Use & Email: advise employees not to open any suspicious or unknown links.

Unfortunately even if you and your employees follow all the proper protocols, hackers and cyber criminals are constantly evolving.  Call us today to discuss your options for cyber liability insurance and what we can do to help protect you in the event of a cyber attack.


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