But I Paid My Ticket!?!

Getting a speeding ticket is a pain. But unfortunately the pain doesn’t end when you pay your ticket.  In NY, points stay on your license for 18 months.  In  NJ they remove 3 points a year (as long as you haven’t accumulated any additional points), meaning if you received a ticket for going 20mph over the speed limit (a 4 point infraction), it will take you 2 years for all the points to drop off your license.  On top of the points on your license (which can result in a suspension of your license if you accumulate too many), your insurance rates may go up, depending on your policy, carrier, and previous driving history.


There are options to lower both the points on your license AND your insurance rates.

  • Take a defensive driving course. These courses are designed to reduce the points on your license for the purposes of calculating a suspension AND providing a discount on your insurance.
  • Do not acquire any additional violations. This may seem like an obvious option but tickets can quickly accumulate and the more you get, the worse the consequences.


At Alpha/Omega Coverage Corp we offer defensive driving classes for NY. We also can work with you to find the right carrier for your driving history.  Call us today for more information!


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