A tree falls in Staten Island

One of the most common claims we hear about after a wind storm is about fallen trees. After the winds die down, neighbors go outside to inspect the damage only to discover that one neighbor’s tree fell on another neighbor’s property causing all sorts of damage. So, who pays for all that damage?

People may think that the owner of the property that the tree was on before it fell down owns the tree and is therefore responsible for the damage the tree caused. Not necessarily.

When looking at this type of claim, one needs to review the cause of the damage and if the tree owner was negligent in any way. More than likely, the property owner was not negligent and strong winds were just too much for the tree to withhold.

On a standard HO3 Homeowners policy, a home is covered by damage caused by wind. Wind causing a tree to fall on your property is therefore considered a covered loss, regardless of where the tree originated from. The homeowner with damage to their property would seek coverage from their own insurance policy. Consequently, that homeowner would also be responsible for their own deductible and for the removal of the tree. However, most policies will also include some additional coverage to help pay for the removal of the tree.

It is unfortunate when any claim occurs, but these unexpected accidents are exactly why we have insurance.

If you have any questions regarding your own insurance policy and what coverages are available to you, please call the office to discuss.


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